Canada Health InfoWay’s Forum d’évolution des pairs (FEP) is a peer network that engages with and mentors physicians to promote the use and adoption of digital health.

The CEPPP is collaborating with Canada Health InfoWay for this project, to support recruitment, training, and coaching of patient partners or patient leaders to enable them to get involved in one or several of the following themes:

  • Improve digital health services:
    • Rendez-vous Santé Québec (RVSQ);
    • Carnet Santé;
    • Accès priorisé aux services spécialisés (APSS);
    • Hospitalisation summary sheet;
    • Vaccination profile and calendar;
  • Promote greater medication security:
    • Medication dispensing process;
    • Mature use of Electronic Medical Records (EMR and of Pharmacy Information Systems (PIS);
    • Hospital medication management (oncology).