The CEPPP is collaborating with the Canada Research Chair on Partnership with Patients and the Public to co-construct a strategy for training, governance, and evaluation for Caring Community, a research-action project focusing on breaking the cycle of loneliness.

In a Caring Community, health professionals, patients, citizens, and decision-makers collectively mobilize their knowledge to care for the members of their community. The Caring Community model leverages the synergies between the community and the health system by capitalizing on the capacities for patients and citizens to care for each other. The objective of this innovation is to develop the care competencies of patients, to break the cycle of loneliness, to promote collaboration among community-based caregivers, and to encourage the full recovery and reintegration of patients in society. These objectives can be reached by integrating patient partners within care teams, by connecting citizen partners in the community, and by promoting cross-sector collaboration with decision-makers in the community, in healthcare, and in municipalities, in order to create environments that promote mutual social support.