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The Quebec SPOR Support Unit aims to meet patients and healthcare stakeholders’ needs and create a critical mass of multidisciplinary expertise aligned with these needs. More specifically, the Quebec SPOR Support Unit provides strategic consultation and support to researchers who are working in primary care research. Seven components ensure this overall support. In particular, the Patient Engagement component aims to develop a cluster of expertise in order to support research practices and methodologies on partnership with patients and public, with the help of the four Integrated University Health Networks (RUIS) in Quebec. To do so, the Patient Engagement component works on:

  1. Developing patient-oriented research competencies within the 4 RUIS
  2. Integrating information technologies to support patient engagement
  3. Supporting research practices in partnership with patients and public
  4. Developing research methods in partnership with patients and public.

For nearly two years, the Quebec SPOR Support Unit has supported over a hundred projects from different research area including mental health, chronic disease management and prevention, and issues associated with population aging.

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