Agustina Gancia

Evaluation Coordinator (CEPPP)

Agustina GanciaAgustina Gancia is the evaluation coordinator at the CEPPP. She has completed her Master’s of Public Health and later worked as a health promotion program coordinator within the education system in Quebec.

This experience sparked her interest in the evaluation of such programs and led her to complete a PhD of Population Health in South Australia. Her research lied around the evaluation of multi-sector partnerships created in the context of a statewide childhood obesity prevention program.  As such, Agustina has gained an expertise in public health program planning, evaluation research methods, and has developed interests in partnership analysis and their impact on organisational processes and outcomes.

At the CEPPP, Agustina is responsible for the planning and implementation of patient partnership evaluation projects within the CEPPP’s stakeholder network, and provides evaluation guidance to internal CEPPP projects.

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Sylvain Bédard

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