The CEPPP is collaborating with the Montreal Heart Institute (MIH) for a project geared towards transforming its cardiology/family medicine unit from a hospital model to a trajectory model in partnership with patients and their families.

The MIH is an ultra-specialized hospital centre dedicated to care, research, teaching, prevention, rehabilitation, and the assessment of new technologies in cardiology. This project is a quality improvement initiative for the cardiology/family medicine unit which aims to build in processes that will support partnerships with patients and their families. In doing so, the unit will become an environment where patient partnership will be embedded in all its care interventions.

For this project, the CEPPP has developed a personalized program which aims to transfer its experience and expertise to the MIH, while adapting its tools and methodologies to the MIH’s environment and vision. The CEPPP is offering the following services:

  • Providing patient partnership training to patients and interdisciplinary care team in the MIH cardiology/family medicine unit;
  • Providing strategic, operational, and patient coaching; and
  • Providing transversal services like project management, tactical and strategic services, as well as the development and dissemination of personalized tools that support the evaluation of patient partnership in the unit.