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Who we are

As a global pioneer in the science of patient partnership, the Centre of Excellence for Partnership with Patients and the Public (CEPPP) aims to prepare our society for the future of health.

Built on a laboratory, a school and a network of partnership experts, we are developing new practices that focus on dialogue and sharing knowledge to improve the patient experience and effectiveness of healthcare.

In particular, we are working to optimize the “Montreal Model” of patient partnership, which is emerging as a new standard in the healthcare community and inspiring universities, hospitals and researchers around the world.

The CEPPP was created in 2015 as an initiative of the Université de Montréal.

For a long time now, patients have been given their treatments without really being asked for their opinion. So many did not follow them! Today, patients want more information about their disease, they want to be involved in the decisions that affect them and to become autonomous in their own care once they are at home. This is a radical change in culture, which makes the practice of healthcare more human. We are here to make this transformation happen as much as possible, for everyone.

Vincent Dumez

Co-director, CEPPP

Patients and members of the public are real agents of change for our healthcare system. Increasingly, they act as partners in the training of health professionals, in the governance of healthcare institutions and in research. The experience of patients is a source of learning for health professionals and helps us to provide better care, together.

Dr. Antoine Boivin

Co-director, CEPPP

Partnering with patients is not to be nice or more human or because it is ‘the in-thing’. It is because, in my opinion, this is the only way to practice good medicine. The patient who has been living with diabetes for 30 years knows things that the best endocrinologist in the world will never know. Medicine cannot disregard the knowledge developed in the experience of living with the disease. The mission of the CEPPP is to recognize patients’ experiential knowledge, mobilize, criticize, theorize, transmit and share it. For better care. Together.

Dr. Philippe Karazivan

Co-director, CEPPP

Partnership is the mutual recognition of experiential and scientific knowledge by patients and professionals, which allows for a redefinition of power relations. Indeed, the fact that the experiential – and even scientific – knowledge of patients is recognized as complementary, leads the patient to be considered on an equal footing as those who intervene in their health. For me, this search for an egalitarian relationship can contribute to a health democracy where the expertise of the patients is taken advantage of in decisions in the care, organization of the health system and public health in order to improve the health of the entire population.

Dr. Marie-Pascale Pomey

Co-director, CEPPP

Our mission

To make collaborating with patients and the public a science, a culture and the new standard to improve the health of all and the (health) experience of each.

Our vision

Advancing health has long been seen as a technological challenge. Today, it is time to innovate also on the human side of the ‘how-to’ and the ‘to-be’ in health. Time to integrate the patient into their care team and the citizen into their healthcare system. Time to learn to listen, share and work together.

We believe that the medicine of tomorrow will be collaborative. That it will assert itself curious of everything and open to a great diversity of expertise and experiences. That it will prove more human, more personalized and more effective to cure, care for and accompany.

In our opinion, health is a democratic space, where everyone has their place and their voice. It is also a dialogue between the singular and the plural, between “I am sick” and “we cure”. It is a collective good for which we are all responsible and to which we can all contribute. Because as a partner in health, each citizen is a source of progress.

The CEPPP in action
To carry out our mission and spread our work within the healthcare system, to public decision-makers and throughout society, the CEPPP has created a laboratory, a school and a network of expertise in patient and public partnership.

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