Together, I am better.

Advancing health care has long been a technological challenge. Today, it is time to also innovate in know-how and interpersonal skills. Time to integrate the patient into his care team and the citizen into his health system.

Time to learn to listen, to share and to work together.

With targeted training modules, the School enables individuals to transform their health experience into high added value expertise. It also guides private, public and parapublic organizations working in the health sector to adopt a collaborative operating model.

The Lab develops tools to support the design, implementation and promotion of projects in partnership with patients and the public, produces knowledge and disseminates it to the community. Its expertise is used in projects to transform the health system and in public debates on the social or ethical aspects of health.

In this vast interdisciplinary network, all knowledge and all experiences are valued and contribute to the development of collective know-how. National and foreign research centers, universities, patients, engaged citizens, health professionals, managers, natural caregivers, all are invited to collaborate.

This pole aims to think about and operationalize systemic transformation in partnership with patients and the public. To do this, it focuses its activities on the prospective study of the health and social services system, on the development of new fields in partnership and on the management of major transformation projects.