Marie-Pierre Codsi’s article “Changing relationships: how does patient involvement transform professional identity? “Documents how partnering with patients transforms the identity of healthcare professionals.
Using ethnographic work based on 2 years of observation, she sheds light on the tensions generated by the transformation of relationships between patients and professionals, when the latter move from a bond of caregiver-patient to a role of colleagues.

This research – based on the theoretical work of Sacha Ghadiri in organizational science – has significant practical implications, by emphasizing the importance of identity dimensions in the success (or failure) of the implementation of the partnership in a care environment.

The quality of Ms. Codsi’s work – carried out in collaboration with Philippe Karazivan, Marie Leclaire and Ghislaine Rouly – was underlined by an exceptional mention during her master’s degree, as well as in this publication in this prestigious international journal.

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