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Patient Engagement

CEPPP operates a platform to support patient engagement. Traditionally, the contribution of patients to research and related activities has been limited to the role of participants, in clinical trials for example. Voluntary participation in research in this way is an essential contribution to science. In this way, participants help researchers determine whether the treatment or intervention is working as intended.

However, patients can be more active in research, care, governance and medical education through meaningful collaboration with the team, referred to as patient engagement / partnership. In this context, patients become partners in the project and can actively participate in governance, health priority setting, research question development and knowledge transfer, all to ensure that investments in the healthcare ecosystem are better aligned with the interests and priorities of patients and their families.

Why is patient partnership important?

This type of participation promotes health care and services and research that is relevant and useful to patients affected by certain health conditions. Patient partners can work with the team to popularize key project or committee messages and communicate them to a variety of audiences as well as to policymakers and other decision makers. Patients can also be agents of change in their setting by applying the results in the context of health or community setting.

The PPP Platform: services for agents of change

The PPP Platform has developed various services to support players in health care and services as well as in research and development to tame the patient partnership. From the recruitment of patient partners to their integration into a team, including the development of a collaboration strategy, this support of the Platform is based on a methodology and tools resulting from the practices and research of the CEPPP to succeed in the shift. patient partnership in various organizations, at the operational, tactical and strategic level.

The PPP platform includes professionals with various expertise such as medicine, ethics, continuing education, evaluation, project management and patient partners.
The CEPPP is administratively housed at the Research Center of the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CRCHUM) and co-directed by Mr. Vincent Dumez, Dr. Antoine Boivin, Dr. Philippe Karazivan, and Dr. Marie-Pascale Pomey. It was created with the support of the University of Montreal and the CRCHUM. The services of the Patient and Public Partnership Platform (PPP Platform) are provided by the CEPPP.

Services and fees

  • Training curriculum to train researchers and patient partners on the basic concepts and steps to build an effective patient partnership relationship;
  • Strategic advice for preparing a grant application involving patient partners and for preparing patient engagement / partnership strategies;
  • Support in budget planning in connection with the patient partnership;
  • Support for the recruitment of patient research partners;
  • Support and support for researchers in the implementation of the patient partnership in their research project;
  • Support for the evaluation of the patient partnership

Our services are available to researchers in universities, hospitals and industry.

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The Center of Excellence on Partnership with Patients and the Public is a joint initiative supported by the University of Montreal (UdeM), the Faculty of Medicine of the UdeM and the Research Center of the Center hospitalier de l'Université de Montreal (CRCHUM).

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