Catherine Purenne

Administrative Assistant
Catherine PurenneCatherine Purenne is an administrative assistant with the Canada Research Chair in Patient and Public Partnership (CRCHUM). After obtaining a degree in Education from the University of Montreal, she coordinated over the years several research projects and scientific initiatives in family medicine (CRCHUM) and community psychology (UQAM). Since 2014, she brings her expertise to the management and coordination of research projects within the evaluation, care systems and services axis at the CRCHUM.

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Audrey L'Espérance

Audrey L’Espérance

Strategic advisor and research associate

Vincent Dumez

Vincent Dumez

Co-director CEPPP

Karim Skiredj

Head of the Strategy Department

Antoine Boivin

Antoine Boivin

Co-director CEPPP

Nathalie Papineau

Office Coordination Technician (DCPP)

Philippe Karazivan

Co-director DCPP/CEPPP

Geneviève David

Manager of the Patient and Public Partnership Platform

Julie Bordeleau

Patient Coordinator (CEPPP)

Ghislaine Rouly

Patient partner (CEPPP)

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