Karim Skiredj

Strategic advisor (CEPPP)

Karim SkiredjKarim has joined the CEPPP team in his efforts to contribute to the community he lives in. In fact, he believes patient engagement holds numerous democratic and pragmatic benefits that will lead to the improvement of our health system. Karim hopes his strategy and innovation skills will help the CEPPP achieve its vision.

Coming from the business world, Karim was first introduced to the health universe through strategic work he has done with Réseau-1 Québec and the coordination of the McGill PBRN. His passions include poetry, art and social sciences.

Our Team

Ghislaine Rouly

Patient partner (CEPPP)

Marie-Pierre Codsi

Responsable du développement académique

Alexandre Berkesse

Alexandre Berkesse

Scientific Advisor and Strategic Advisor

Caroline Wong

Caroline Wong

Executive Manager at CEPPP

Geneviève David

Manager of the Patient and Public Partnership Platform

Philippe Karazivan

Co-director DCPP/CEPPP

Mathieu Jackson

Mathieu Jackson

Pedagogical counsellor and patient coordinator

Nathalie Papineau

Office Coordination Technician (DCPP)

Karim Skiredj

Head of the Strategy Department

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