Vincent Dumez, M. SC.

Codirector of the Centre of Excellence on Partnership with Patients and the Public
Codirector of the Direction collaboration et partenariat patient (DCPP)

Vincent DumezMr. Vincent Dumez holds a finance degree and a master in science of management from Montreal’s international business school Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC).  Up until 2010, Mr. Dumez was an associate in one of Montreal’s most influential consulting firm where he acted as a senior strategic consultant. Suffering from severe chronic diseases for more than three decades, M. Dumez has been actively involved in the promotion of the ‘patient partner’ concept at Université de Montréal. This involvement has come forward over the recent years through the completion of his master’s dissertation on patient-doctor relationship, his contribution to the training of patients, his work on boards of healthcare organizations and his involvement as a speaker in healthcare conferences. Since 2010, Mr. Dumez has developed the patient partnership program at the Faculty of Medicine. He’s now co-leading with Dr. Antoine Boivin the Centre of Excellence on Partnership with the patients and public.


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Marie-Pierre Codsi

Responsable du développement académique

Catherine Purenne

Catherine Purenne

Administrative Assistant

Karim Skiredj

Head of the Strategy Department

Mathieu Jackson

Mathieu Jackson

Pedagogical counsellor and patient coordinator

Ghislaine Rouly

Patient partner (CEPPP)

Philippe Karazivan

Co-director DCPP/CEPPP

Vincent Dumez

Vincent Dumez

Co-director CEPPP

Sylvain Bédard

Sylvain Bédard

Patient Coordinator

Audrey L'Espérance

Audrey L’Espérance

Strategic advisor and research associate

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