The patient/caregiver and researcher partner surveys are designed to understand the actual experience of researchers when they partner with patients and caregivers on a project where the patients and/or caregivers are members of the research team. The questions are practical and look to identify behaviours that support productive partnerships. Surveys of researchers have the same goal: to understand their experience when associating with patients/caregivers.


Maybee, Alies et Brian Clark for Patients Canada, “Evaluating the patient partnership in research”, 2016

Retrieved online at : http://www.patientscanada.ca/index.cfm?id=76578

Patient/Caregiver : http://www.patientscanada.ca/site/patients_canada/assets/pdf/patientsurveys_2016.pdf

Researcher’s survey : http://www.patientscanada.ca/site/patients_canada/assets/pdf/researchersurveys_2016.pdf


Scientific Rigour
Patient and Public Perspective

Assessment Grid

We provide a five-point rating for each of the following four criteria:

  • Scientific Rigour: Was the development of the evaluation tool scientifically rigorous and based on existing evidence on patient and public engagement?
  • Patient and Public Perspective: Does the evaluation tool take into account the views of patients and the public (both in its development and use)?
  • Comprehensiveness: Is the tool comprehensive in evaluating the context, process, outcomes and impacts of patient and public engagement?
  • Usability: Is the evaluation tool easy to use?

Each criterion has 5 question-items. We gave 1 point per item if the answer to the question was YES, 0 points if the answer was NO or CANNOT ANSWER.