PCORI Engagement Activity Inventory (NET-ENACT AND WE-ENACT)


(1) To capture researchers’ experience with patient and other stakeholders engagement in research, (2) to describe the role of patients and other health care stakeholders in research projects, and (3) to describe engagement in research from the researcher point of view.


“How We Evaluate Key Aspects of Our Work”, on pcori website, consulted : June, 15th 2017.

Online : https://www.pcori.org/about/evaluating-our-work/evaluating-key-aspects-our-work


Scientific Rigour
Patient and Public Perspective

Assessment Grid

We provide a score of five points for each of the following four criteria:

  • Scientific rigor: Was the development of the assessment tool scientifically rigorous and evidence-based on patient and public engagement?
  • Patient and Public Perspective: Does the assessment tool take into account the views of patients and the public (both in their development and use)?
  • Comprehensiveness: Is the tool comprehensive in evaluating the context, process, outcomes and impacts of patient and public engagement?
  • Usability: Is the evaluation tool easy to use?

Each criterion has 5 question-items. We gave 1 point per item if the answer to the question was YES, 0 points if the answer was NO or CANNOT ANSWER.

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