Sylvain Bédard

Patient Coordinator

Sylvain BédardSylvain Bédard, first heard the word transplantation in 1980 when he was diagnosed with HCM( hypertrophic cardiomeapathy ), a heart disease that had just killed his 18-year-old sister.  Sylvain will have to struggle for 20 years before he gets the gift of life.

Heart transplant recipient in 2000, he then climbed up Mont-Blanc (4800m) in 2003. In December 2004, he became the first heart transplant recipient in the history to climb over 6000m in Bolivia, Sajama Mountain at 6500m. He spoke and publish his journey at the International Society of Heart and lung transplant, Canadian Cardiology Society, Canadian association of cardiac Rehab… to name just Sylvain medical adventure as a patient includes arrhythmia, 3 times peace-defibrillator implant, embolism, major disc and many other health problems… But always with a smile!

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